A long, long time ago the fabled country known as Atlantis was nearing its end, forced to a point of doom by the Atlanteans greed for power. The great council of Atlantis so desperate to control all things, sought not only to challenge the authority of the Divine and nature but also guarantee their supremacy by inhibiting the natural evolution of all those around them. Enslaving the people with etheric devices created to hold them in a state of subservience.

In a last attempt to save this once great land the Divine chose two Priest́ ¦rom the Temple of Melchisadek who were true to the ancient teachings. Called away from their home they journeyed to the outer mountains where, visited by Angels, they received a mighty system of empowerment. Designed by the Divine to restore spiritual equality to the Atlantean people, to encourage evolution and empowerment on all levels, the system was called Inspiration. Later, after the destruction of Atlantis, it would be taken out into the greater world and divided becoming the many systems of Reiki that exist today.

Now for the first time since the Inspiration system was brought to the Earth it will be resurrected again, restored in full and offered to the world en large in order that it might contribute to humanities Ascension. Under the guidance of the Master St Germain and the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon, the two original Priests the system was given to and with the help of the Atlantean Ascended Master Hilarion, the Angels of Atlantis and the Crystal Skull collective the Conclave, the Inspiration system will be restored in full with the original Atlantean power symbols given and used. Returned to the planet through the channelled teachings of Edwin Courtenay and the channelled symbols of Graham Courtenay.

Now is the time to for humanity to be restored to their full potential, now is the time for humanity to be Inspired!

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